Up until I was 17 I had never seen a picture of myself when I was a baby.  Apparently, the camera broke before I was born.  My father, born in a very poor village in Greece, has absolutely no pictures from his childhood.  Photographs are more than images, they are memories, and I am committed to preserving them.  

From an early age I was pegged as the family photographer.  Perhaps driven by the lack of childhood photos, I constantly documented everything from trips, to parties and even snow storms.  My passion for photography followed me to Stonehill College where I received a BA in Fine Arts, with a minor in Ancient History.  It is the combination of these two interests that drives me each day.  I am devoted to building personal histories for every subject I shoot in a cinematic, unexpected, yet aesthetically pleasing way.  Art is all around us, and I am here to capture it.